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Primary Round
Discover VARTA’s new Primary Round Battery Range!
Portable Power
VARTA Portable Power keeps you always on the go, providing up to 7 hours additional talk time. Extra Power, anytime, anywhere.
Indestructible Best of 2014
The ultimate hardness tests in our customers' videos!
LCD Charger
Design meets state-of-the-art technology: newly designed, user-optimized LCD chargers for everyone who wants precise technology, innovative features and convenient use.
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The Powerpack and LED Book Light both secure prizes at Plus X Awards 2013.
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VARTA Consumer reacted to changing EU law in a very timely fashion, applying it to the company’s range of rechargeable batteries.
The transitional period for EU Regulation 1103/2010 will end on May 30, 2012. Starting then, all portable secondary (rechargeable) batteries sold within the European Union must carry information about their minimum capacities. In response, VARTA Consumer has put these new standards into practice across the board and has also extended its range to “Ready 2 Use” technology.
POPAI Award 2014
VARTA Consumer made a good showing at the POPAI DACH Awards 2014 at the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The top-selling counter display in the shape of battery won gold in the category travel, leisure and automotive.
LED Bike Light
Battery-powered bicycle lights have been officially allowed in Germany only since last year. Thanks to its Bike Light Set, VARTA Consumer is set to launch an innovative headlight and taillight that fully comply with German road safety regulation and ensure additional road safety.
Solar Accu AAA 550 mAh
Spring is coming, and the gardening season is on its way. When the sun starts to set and twilight approaches, white and colorful garden lights create a memorable atmosphere.
Red Dot Award 2014
International success for VARTA: The new VARTA Mini Powerpack has won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award. Earlier this year, two products from the VARTA Consumer portfolio received already the international CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.
Indestructible Key Chain
The successful Indestructible series now has a new addition: In March, VARTA Consumer will launch its Indestructible Key Chain flashlight, the smallest and newest member of the “indestructible” flashlight family.