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Discover VARTA’s new Primary Round Battery Range!
Portable Power
VARTA Portable Power keeps you always on the go, providing up to 7 hours additional talk time. Extra Power, anytime, anywhere.
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Plus X Award 2015
VARTA has once again proven that it is living up to its promise to deliver top quality. The energy expert’s products came out on top in the running for the world’s leading innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle products. The Indestructible Powerpack 2000 has been honored in the categories “High Quality” and “Design” of this year’s Plus X Award. The larger version, the Indestructible Powerpack 6000, was also recognized for “Functionality”.
High Energy_Limited Edition 2015
The VARTA High Energy and Longlife Limited Edition brings the stars to your shop. Your turnover will run sky-high with new blister packages, glowing stars, a great sweepstake and sales-boosting secondary displays.
High Optics Light 2AA
With the new High Optics Lights VARTA launches the perfect products with high performance, intelligent features, elegant design and unbeatable value for money.
Rayovac Hearing Aid
The demand for hearing aids is on the rise. This is due to an increasingly aging society on the one hand, and on the other hand more and more young people are addressing their reduced hearing ability openly and want to improve it with ever smaller hearing aids.
Car Light 12V Rechargeable
You should always have a flashlight with you – particularly in your car. No matter whether you urgently need light during a breakdown, to read a map or in other situations: The VARTA Rechargeable 12V Car Light always remains fully charged via the cigarette lighter, is ready to hand and offers strong light. It is therefore a helpful tool in every car.